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    Unanswered: Just installed mysql, it won't let me login.

    I've just installed MySQL (5.0.27) on a windows server, for the first time in a remote server.
    Using Terminal Services I can open the MySQL Administrator, create my database, etc. The MySQL Browser Tool, also works fine connecting to "localhost".

    Now, I want to connect from my PC and it tells me:
    Could not connect to the specified instance.
    MySQL Error number 1130
    Host "public ip here" is not allowed to connect to this MySQL Server.
    (I tried the 3 public IPs on this server, with same luck)
    The ping button responded fine.

    Now, I tried to telnet "the server ip" 3306 from my PC and I get the same message. If I go to the server through terminal services and does the same, I get the same message, too !
    But, if I "telnet localhost 3306" within the remote server, then yes, it works, fine. So the instance is up and running I can see the tables.
    It seems it just could not bind to any of the IPs on this server.

    I think this might be an obvious issue, but I already searched for an option that allows MySQL to listen through TCP/IP, but seems it is open by default.

    Where do I start with ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    what permissions have your GRANTED the various users?

    I find it easier to set permissions using MySQL Admion than using the older GRANT statement
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    I've just found a combination of both mysql permissions problem and a problem with my hosting provider to make it worse.

    Anyway, I found it very hard to grasp than the host is involved directly in the permissions.
    I mean, since I was denied access since the very moment of the telnet, before entering any credentials, it made me thought it was a network problem, not permissions. Of course I know I had to rtfm, but seemed a simple task.

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