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    Unanswered: Rookie Questions Using Tool MySQL WorkBench

    hi everyone,

    background info : i've installed the WAMP package for MySQL, Apache , PHP

    while i'm able to create tables with PhpMyAdmin I'm unable to create the relationships (that I normally just drag in MSAccess)

    I've found that MySQL WorkBench has this, but I can't get it to work on the databases I've created in PhpMyAdmin

    bottomline: can anyone help me out on how to create relationships in MySQL
    I know it's the 'constraint' thing, but cannot get it to work...

    many thanks in advance
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    try using MySQL Admin

    Workbench is very much a tool in development.. its hgas a shed load of errors, features not yet implmented.. in short its for test not live development..having said that its looking preety good form what Ive seen so far. But it doens't cut it in a production environment. depending on the version you are usign soem features may work, next release they may not, its very hardware dependant (some video cards work well, some seem to bollux the code).

    BTW are you using INNODB tables.. native MySQL doens't support RI.
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