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    Unanswered: err 27006


    I have two Servers in the network namely Server1 and Server2. I have installed IDS 9.4. in both of them. The $INFORMIXDIR in both the server is same i.e. /database/Informix/IfxData1. Will it give the following error if one server will be up when the other is running?

    09:58:54 Event alarms enabled. ALARMPROG = '/usr/informix/I731.FD11/etc/no_log
    09:59:00 DR: DRAUTO is 0 (Off)
    09:59:00 Requested shared memory segment size rounded from 616KB to 8192KB
    09:59:01 Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.FD1 Software Serial Number AAD
    09:59:01 listener-thread: err = -27006: oserr = 48: errstr = : Network driver c
    annot establish listen endpoint.
    System error = 48.
    09:59:01 Attempting to bring listener thread down.

    09:59:01 Server stopped.

    09:59:01 Informix Dynamic Server Stopped.

    If not then what are possibilities for the above error.

    Please give any suggestion.


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    Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.FD1 Software Serial Number AAD#J216347
    Isn't there a 7.31 version IDS still installed on your server? Take precautions when installing a second instance of IDS on the machine. Don't know the exact conditions for running multiple instances but you can check them out under "multiple residency" in the "Installation guide" for IDS 9.4 here
    Or did you just upgrade the 7.31 to 9.4? Then maybe the "Migration guide" tells you where to go from here.

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    I have checked both Server1 & Server2. In Server1 Informix 7.31 is installed. In Server2 Informix 7.31 & 9.4 both are installed. The $INFORMIXDIR for Informix 7.31 in Server1 & Server2 is same. $INFORMIXDIR for Informix 9.4 in Server2 is different. That error is coming when at the time of StartUp of Server1.

    Please give suggestion.


    Saikat Ghosh

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