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    Question Database certification

    Hi, not sure where to post this. I tried a search but couldn't come up with anything concrete..

    Is database certification important? Is it highly looked upon or a waste of $$$? What database would be good to be certified in (Oracle, SQL Server)?

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    Well, I don't have a degree, it seems most employers want a BA in CS or MIS without CERTS or CERTS with a BA and some intense experience in SQL/ORACLE or say they are overrated but if it will get me in the door, I will surely get my MCDBA or ORACLE certs

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    I'm working on SQL Server.

    With the new version SQL SERVER 2005, the technology on the SQL Server side has changed alot.

    To have a certificate showing off that you know and capable of these new enhancements is a good thing, I believe.

    Actually, I do not know how much a certification may affect my income, but I do not care much about that.

    Microsoft certifications has increased in number and in quality with 2005 editions of SQL Server and .NET. This means a lot of certification paths has come to live in both software development and database administration branches.

    SQL Server also has BI (Business Intellegence) certification paths which I found it necessary. BI exams includes OLAP, Data Mining, Reporting etc.


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