My name is Randy and I am taking a technical writing course at my college. My first assignment is to ask 15 - 20 questions of someone working in the field I am working toward. The assignment is not due until the end of the course , but the next two assignments come directly from this interview. I have been knocking on doors and cold calling, but so far all companies have policies regarding security in my field.

So, if there is anyone out there who will answer as many of my questions as they can (any 15 will be nice) you have my many thanx in advance. There are a few questions I would consider to be more than one question. I realize how sensitive this may be, it is why I am having such a hard time with this assignment, but if you also could attach a blank document as an example with company title and logo blotted out if necessary, this would be helpful but not necessary for the assignment. If there is anyone out there who is a database administrater or database security here are my questions.

1. What is your job title?

2. How much is the starting pay?

3. What other types of benefits are available?

4. What are you working conditions?

5. What kinds of advancement/opportunities are available and how frequent?

6. What would you say is the long term and short term outlook?

7. What types of technical writing do you do?

8. What kind of reports/forms do you fill out?

9. How often do these reports get filled out?

10. Who reads them?

11. How important are they?

12. What are the purposes of these reports?

13. Are the reports entered on computer or hard copies or both?

14. What kinds of training is required or suggested?

15. What are possible paths for advancement?

16. What might be some related occupations?

17. In what areas might the company you work for be different/unique than other typical companies in this field?