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    Unanswered: How to avoid errors or ignore errors during LOAD DATA INFILE / sqlldr

    I have a table with unique keys. I have a flat file that has duplicates records and i want to load it into my unique table.
    The problems was , after 100 records of violating unique keys i cannot load any data.
    How to ignore unique keys or how to manipulate sqlldr to ignore these unique keys errors.

    In MySQL i can simply use
    LOAD DATA INFILE IGNORE into TABLE <mytable> that it will ignore unique keys and continue the next records

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    ERRORS specifies the maximum number of insert errors to allow. If the number of errors exceeds the value specified for ERRORS, then SQL*Loader terminates the load. To permit no errors at all, set ERRORS=0.

    To specify that all errors be allowed, use a very high number.

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