Hi all,

Does anyone know the best way to distribute files from an Oracle database?

My requirements are:
1) Setup any number of file distrabution "channels"
2) Each file could have multiple destinations (which should be defineable)
3) A log must be kept of the status of each file (sent/not sent/error sending) with reason for failure if any and datetime sent
4) The file distribution should be done via FTP/HTTP/SMTP (cos I need to go through a firewall, most likely to be FTP onto remote filesystem)
5) Would be nice if the distribution was triggered by an insert onto a table and in separate thread (so my process can continue without worrying about whether the file is sent or not), but should be configurable so could also use a periodic pole on the table.
6) Would also be really cool if it could also trigger other procedures to run when the file has finished processing (whether sent/failed)
7) It would also be nice if the system could redirect files depending on file attributes and/or file content

info: The file is being generated as a CSV by a procedure and is held in a clob column within Oracle.

I am just looking for current technologies available. I briefly looked at Oracle Advanced Queueing, but from what I understand is that it needs another Queue on the other side in order to send the file. Now, I don't have that. I will only have either a filesystem or an SMTP mailbox.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated. But remember, I am trying to get out of coding this type of thing!

Thanks guys... (and gals)