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    Unanswered: Backup Server error during dump to nfs device


    I have two AIX 5.2 machines with Sybase ASE and on both of them I mounted an OSX nfs share. The "sybase" user ulimits for file, data and core are "unlimited" on both AIX machines and it was set via smit. From one machine I can dump the whole 30G to the nfs mount without a hitch. From the other one dump fails at 1GB:
    1> dump database sur to "/morrow1mfs/sur.dat" with init
    2> go
    Backup Server session id is: 85. Use this value when executing the 'sp_volchanged' system stored procedure after
    fulfilling any volume change request from the Backup Server.
    Backup Server: Dumpfile name 'sur070390BE51 ' section number 1 mounted on disk file '/morrow1mfs/sur.dat'
    Backup Server: Database sur: 330680 kilobytes DUMPed.
    Backup Server: Database sur: 661736 kilobytes DUMPed.
    Backup Server: Database sur: 992666 kilobytes DUMPed.
    Backup Server: [3] Error for device '/morrow1mfs/sur.dat'. Error writing to archive device
    /morrow1mfs/sur.dat. Attempted to write 65536 bytes, 38400 bytes were written.
    Backup Server: Database sur: 1044238 kilobytes DUMPed.
    Msg 8009, Level 16, State 1:
    Server 'rs6000_prd', Line 1:
    Error encountered by Backup Server. Please refer to Backup Server messages for details.

    I even set directly the hard limits of file, data and core on this failing machine without success.

    What else should I check ?

    Thanks ahead,


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    Not to solve the real problem but as a workaround
    use dump database sur to "compress::1::/morrow1mfs/sur.dat"

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