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    Unanswered: DCB in SYSCOPY of Imagecopy job


    This is about DB2 V7 in z/OS

    Why is a DCB parameter needed in SYSCOPY DD for an Imagecopy job? e.g.


    I have seen that in some places they use it and in some places they don't. Utility guide doesn't mention that it is needed, so my assumption was that copy utility decides the LRECL etc.

    The second part of the question is, what is the 'MODELDCB' specified above? I suppose it is shop specific, what does it do?

    The third part of the question is, how to decide the LRECL of a SYSCOPY dataset? Clearly it is more than the record length of the table here. So whats the criteria?

    Thanks in advance for any effort to answer these!

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    You do not need any DCB= specification for //SYSCOPY DD.
    The necessary values are set by DB2

    MODELDCB dsname tells JES to use the DCB-values from dsname as a template.
    There is no need to use this parameter here

    Imagecopy works on pages of tablespaces. Therefore LRECL=4096 as a page is 4K.

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    About the LRECL, I knew imagecopy works at page level but did not know that each of the individual records in an IC file correspond to a single page in tablespace and hence need to have the record length same as page size. Although I did suspect it since the page size in the Tablespace in question is indeed 4K.

    Thanks for your input!

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