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    Unanswered: backup slowdown after 64 bits upgrade

    Hi Guys,

    I wonder if there is anything I need to consider/tune database wise that could help to improve the elapse time of my full database backup. We upgraded our db2 instance from 32 bits to 64 bits and after that the db2 database backup that used to take 90 minutes now is taking between 4 and 5 hours. I did the same upgrade on one of our test/dev environments and tested the backup with a production size database and it works fine but in production is taking too long. The storage team haven't found an explanation even though we upgraded the TSM api client to 64 bits. Any ideas /sugesstions would be highly appreciated. Thanks

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    if you are using same backup command and your api64 dsm.sys has same parameters as api dsm.sys, one should look at OS and see what is causing the slowdown; maybe you increased the db memory shortchanging file cache;
    in AIX it is maxperm,minperm and maxpgahead and minpgahead.

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