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    Unanswered: Using C-API to connect to CICS CTG on Mainframe


    I am running a CICS Transaction Gateway 6.1 for z/Os on my System z
    Mainframe with z/OS Version 6. Behind the CTG there is a CICS
    Transaction Server 3.1 running also on the Mainframe.
    I have also an SNA Server running on the Mainframe.

    I want to connect from an Linux server to the CTG interface on the
    It is not possible to use any C API under Linux to connect to the CTG
    on z/Os I read in the CICS CTG 6.1 manual for z/Os. Maybe with the CTG
    Multiplatform Version, but I do not use such a version.

    I also have an Websphere AS running with JCA / J2EE and Resource

    My question: Is it possible to connect the CICS CTG with any C API
    using IBM Websphere AS ?
    Is it possible to connect the CTG using a Multiplatform Client on my
    Unix Version? I read only CICS Transaction Servers can cope with
    connections from the Client?

    Has anyone an idea how I can connect to the CTG?

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