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Finding a good hosting plan is not an easy task. You got to think of: space, bandwidth, domain price, contract, etc. But the main thing is support and we are proud that our admin(s) keep an eye on the latest security issue's and the solutions to those - regularly for better performance of the servers and benefits of the customers to give you more security. We have all of that for a best hosting.
We SOLVE, we do not just ANSWER!

Our shared Hosting Plans are given below:

  • Blogger ($2.50/mo)
  • 50 MB Storage
  • 2 GB Transfer

  • Bronze 1($3.75/mo)
  • 100 MB Storage
  • 4 GB Transfer

  • Bronze 2 ($4.75/mo)
  • 200 MB Storage
  • 6 GB Transfer

  • Silver ($5.75/mo)
  • 300 MB Storage
  • 10 GB Transfer

  • Gold ($6.75/mo)
  • 400MB Storage
  • 12GB Transfer

  • Platinum ($10.75/mo)
  • 800MB Storage
  • 18GB Transfer

We also provide Reseller and Dedicated Hosting.

All of our packeges includes the following features:

Addon Domains
Parked Domains
Unlimited Mysql databases*
PHP v5
Unlimited POP3
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Easy Switch from any Cpanel Host
CGI, Perl 5 and many more...

And above all, we provide 24hr 100% support and 100% Uptime.
You can track our uptime. We publish our nagios charts so anybody can verify that the servers are always good in shape, never overloaded and services are always up.

Currently we are offering some special offers.

To avail these mail me:

So what are you waiting for, Sign up now to get the best services and pay no setup fee.

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