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    Unanswered: $#@$#%! SQL 2005 Cluster Install!

    I have YET to have a 100% CLEAN install of SQL 2005 in a clustered environment. SQL 2005 Std. was not so bad, I think I finally managed a 99% clean install (no script errors on patches) on the third try.

    SQL 2005 EE keeps erroring off on 2153 patch install. The error logs are no help at all; they simply stop logging activity at about the point that the error occurs.

    For a premier product, this installation SUCKS.

    Whooo. Okay. I feel better.

    Here's my situation:
    4-node Cluster (Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition), SP1
    SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition

    Install OS
    Patch OS to SP1
    Cluster OS on SAN
    Configure Cluster Groups (DBC01, DBC02, DBC03) with cluster disks
    Configure MSDTC (network access, configure cluster resources)

    Start SQL Installation
    Install RTM Binaries on Node 1 for Default Instance
    Install Workstation and non-cluster components on remaining nodes
    Install RTM Binaries on Node 2 for Named Instance

    Reboot all nodes

    Install SP1 for all instances from node 1

    Install SP1 for all local services/applications for all other nodes

    While attempting to install the 2153 SQL patch/hotfix, the process will either:
    Hang while waiting for the first passive node for the default instance; or
    Crash immediately with no error messages in the logs.

    This is no nearly detailed enough, I know. I'm missing error messages and more. It's snowing outside and I have to get home. I just think that the installation for this product in a clustered environment is very unstraightforward at best, and at worst is a real liability to an organization since it's practically impossible to get it clean the first time through.


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    I had a very similar problem recently involving a Windows 2003 cluster and an active / active install. I had to give the userid I was using explicit full permissions on the WINDOWS/temp folder on the secondary machine before the install would complete successfully, even though the account I was using was a domain admin.

    It's certainly a stab in the dark, but may be worth a try

    -- This is all just a Figment of my Imagination --

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    I was able to complete the 2153 patch process by deselecting one of the nodes (ie, but only choosing to do one node at a time.

    The other #$!#@! I hate about using the 2153 patch is that it must be run on all the nodes for the non-clustered services (notification services, SQL Tools, integration services).

    I love SQL 2005. I expect to earn a substantial part of my income for the next 5 years from SQL 2005. But I sure do not like the installation of SQL 2005. I hope that they get these issues resolved by SQL 2008.


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