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    Need Mysql Guru -Need Immediate Help!

    *Update- I got someone helping me fix the issue, please no new PM's or IM's. Thanks!

    Hello all, my site is down and I am looking for immediate help today from someone with advanced knowledge of mysql.

    I have been up all night tyring to fix it and can't I need to pay someone quick to do it. If you have time and are quick on the draw hit me up at 9AM CST.

    Having issues with mysql and vbulletin and postnuke.

    database: example name
    Table: nuke_sessions_info (in use)

    database: vbulletin
    table: post (in use)

    neither will let me repair or flush...
    Need help ASAP!

    Position: Contractor

    Salary or Project Budget: Negotiable

    Company Name: PBXINFO LLC

    Contact Name: Rick Cruz

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