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    Unanswered: Postinge Name and Image from MS Access 2000 Database on Vb Form.

    I am creating a database in MSAccess for my Payroll Program I am writing. I want to save an image representing an employee in the record of each employee. I then want to post the name of each employee and the image I have save in each record of each employee on Visual Basic Form.

    How do I do this?

    I need your help.


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    1 of 2 ways: Either embed the image itself as an Ole Object in the table and retrieve and reconstruct it on the fly and put in an image control or save a file link in the table and load the image from that file ...
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    M Owen,
    I am a newbie. Honestly I dont know how to save a file link in the table and load the image from that file.
    Kindly give me insight on this.


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    add a picturebox to a vb form.

    add code

    Set picture1.Picture = loadpicture ("c:\Test.Bmp")

    Now, double-click loadpicture, and press F1

    The second option takes quite a bit less code, BTW. (And, it avoids a lot os datafile bloat issues associated with storing images in Access database files.)

    By "file link," M_Owen means the path name of the file. "C:\Test.Jpg" is a file reference. It describes the entire pathname, so that you could retrieve the file and display it.
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