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    Unanswered: Digits allowed for a numeric field

    How many digits does Excel allow for a numeric field ? Excel help states the Number Precision has a 15 digit limit, but is Number Precision the maximum number of digits allowed for a numeric number ?

    The issue I am having is I have a number 10,000,004,757,646.84 but Excel keeps rounding the number to .80.

    Is there a way around this ?

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    Howdy. Maximum is 15. Once it gets to that point, it will round off anything past that. To test it, add three more digits between the 0 and 4 in your example number, and see what happens.

    As far as a work around, if you want to use it as a number, no. If you need it for display purposes, then you could put ' before the number which will retain all the digits, but it will be treated as text, not as a number.
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    Thank you very much Rich. I do need to use the number in a calculation, so at least I'll be able to explain my .04 outage.

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