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    Question Unanswered: Keep getting cannot open the Microsoft Jet engine workgropu information file

    I have a user that keeps getting this error. I got useful information the other day on removing the .ldb (locked database files) and that seemed to work for a couple of days.

    Some background information::: this is an old access database that has been working for a couple of years now and I just noticed this problem about two weeks ago, right after we moved everything to a new server. There are about 10-13 people who use this database at any given time...but I only have 1 user who is having this problem. Can it be something that we did on the server that is causing this or is it on the user end?

    os winxp
    access 2000
    Novel platform

    Please HElp !!!!!!

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    The same problems can occur more than once - try booting everyone off again and deleting the .ldb file. If this problem persists, ask the user if they were in the system when the error appeared or was it when they exited and re-opened it? I imagine it's the second and the .ldb file is not recognising that (s)he has yet to leave the system.
    MAke sure they always leave the system in the correct manner (if you have on close events etc, make sure they fire...)

    Other than that, I'm stumped.
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