(@OrdNum [Char](12), @CompDiv [Char](18))

I have a stored procedure which will when run perform 14 test of data validity and then stores the resulting bit answers in a database at the end it selects the newly entered record from the database to display it in crystal reports.

When I connect this report using a subreport it prompts me for paramaters which i fill in with vaild data and it runs. I get the selectable fields back on the next screen and import all of the resulting fields into the report.

When I do it at run time the Stored Procedure paramaters are fed from the main report but it doesn't return anything.

If I run the script with the paramaters manually it will then select the data from the table but it doesn't recreate it like it should if the script ran correctly. It only selects preexisting data. Why? Does it overlook everything else in a Stored Procedure except the ending select statment?