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    Unanswered: Memory prob: teeny jpg's placed in a table bloat the DB

    Access XP
    Windows XP

    Memory swells when adding a couple of pictures.

    I have a little database with a couple of tables. One field is an OLE.
    I used irfanview (a great free tool) to scale the jpeg files down to less than 10kb each. Then when I add about 10 (1 picture per record, only ten records) pictures the size of the database explodes. Compacting has no effect.

    Before: 480kb
    After: 9,600kb

    When I look at the data table the picture field displays Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0. Is there a configuration option or property to change?

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    Hello Ty,

    The images are causing the bloating. Access does not handle them real well, especially jpeg. Here's a link that will give you some examples to different approaches to reduce/work around the bloating.


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    Never use OLE as Objects as Large as Elephants converts jpeg images into bit mapped files hence the bloating. You should externally reference your images and never embed them into the database. Dbpix is excellent for handling images - there is a small cost but it does the trick.

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