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    Unanswered: Need Your Advice


    I have created some forms / sub forms in my db. They are working fine. But I am a bit confused. Please advice me if someone have better idea about this.

    I separated cash sales invoice and credit sales invoice with their respective sub forms. Tables also are kept separated. Let us assume that Cash Sales form and sub form are based on 2 tables. Like wise Credit sales have their own 2 tables and form and sub forms. Obliviously, we use queries so the numbers of query objects are also increased based on their tables.

    Would it be better if I create one additional field in in one Sales invoice header table and display on Sales invoice header form to distinguish if it is Cash or Credit while making the invoice?

    This way the data would be stored in only 2 tables instead of 4 tables (each form and sub form/(s)). Or it would be better to keep separate?

    If the better idea is to add one extra field to recognize cash or credit invoice, then it can be done same with my other tables / forms also like Purchase invoice, Maintenance invoice also. This will reduce the size of my FE.

    All comments and advices are welcome..

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    It would be much better to add the "sale_type" column, and use 2 tables.
    If you ever wanted to query total sales with 4 tables, you'd have to create
    a union query.
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    ...and what is a cash sale anyway?
    isn't it just a special case of a credit sale with automatic credit approval, 0-days payment terms, and the PAID box ticked?

    if you have walk-in cash sales you may be stuck for customerID etc: long term it would be nice to collect the walk-in customer info (you never know when marketing will want to propose a neat upgrade to all customers who bought Widget#7 in the past 18 months), but if you really can't get customer info you can have a dummy customer entry for the cash sales.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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