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    Unanswered: Rename Login users in Sybase

    Hi ,

    I wanted to rename the login users in sybase. Is it possible . If yes then please tell me how to achieve this .

    Thanks in advance
    Pankaj Singh

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    You could edit the field 'name' in the master..syslogins-table. First execute
    > sp_configure "allow update", 1
    > go
    to allow updates on system tables.
    Then, update the table with
    > update syslogins set name = "new name" where name = "old name"
    > go
    Finally, disable the editting of system tables:
    > sp_configure "allow update", 0
    > go
    It is not recommended to edit system tables, and I have no idea how ASe will react on it when this user is logged in at the time of editting. Be careful with it.
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    dont forget to create the users with the new login

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    no worries if user already exists in database with the old login name as ase uses srvid to link and keep login names in line with sysusers

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