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    Unanswered: How to load Employee names into A Combo Box

    I am developing a Payroll Program. I have created a Database Table in Ms Access 2000. I have placed Text Box controls on my Vb 6 Form including a Combo box.
    I want to fill the combo box with employee names when the Form loads. I have tried to write codes that will do this, but can't get it done.

    Please kindly assist me. What is wrong with the following codes?:
    Private Sub Form_Load()
    With adoSubjects.Recordset
        Do Until Not .EOF
            If !SubjectCode <> "" Then
            cboSubjects.AddItem !SubjectCode
            End If
    End With
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    I assume that you didn't get the End Sub when you copied from your app.

    Now, I don't see the code where you declare and load the recordset. What does that look like?
    ...but can't get it done.

    ... What is wrong with the following codes?:
    You don't specify what is, (or isn't) happening?

    Are getting ANY values in the combo box?

    Have you stepped through this code? Add a breakpoint to it, and run the app. When execution stops at the breakpoint, step through it, using the F8 key. At any time, pause the cursor over a variable or object property to see the value contained within displayed in a tooltip.
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