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    Unanswered: From R4GL on SCO 5.0.6 to IDS 9.4 on W2k

    I'm running an r4gl application on a SCO5.0.6. with an IDS7.3. I want to migrate this database to IDS running on a Windows server. The idea is to replace the 4gl code with a graphical interfase on windows PC's. While this job is being doing, i want my customer to buy the new IDS, so i can use the new features. This means that I need the R4GL code to connect to the IDS running on the Windows server. I have a testing machine with a w2k running ids9.4. I have migrated the database but I'not being able to achieve the connection.
    When I run the R4GL program i get "listener-thread: err = -956: oserr = -1: errstr = (patricia@srvr1): Client host or user (patricia@srvr1) is not trusted by the server. System error = -1. " in the W2k ISA log.
    If I use login with dbaccess tool in unix the connection is achieved.
    Any help will be appreciated, best regards.

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    Hi Andres,

    Just make sure that the database sever trusts the SCO machine. This is because normmaly in 4GL you just specify the database command wth no connecting user/password combination (like dbaccess is asking when trying to connect). This can be done by adding the SCO machine in the hosts.equiv file on the w2k machine. More info can be found in google to arrage this, just search on the combination windows hosts.equiv

    That should do the job



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