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    Unanswered: MSSQLSERVER service terminated unexpectedly


    For 15 days now my SQL server service is terminating with the following error

    MSSQLSERVER service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 2 Time(s).
    This service terminates and restarts automatically and sometimes doesnt restart we have to mannuly start it again.
    Event ID: 7034.

    Version Details

    Version: MSSQL Server 2000
    Service Pack: 3a

    I have checked many forums most of them suggest to apply the latest service pack. But the same error has been reported by sites having SP4 also.
    Kindly help.

    Thank you

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    I'd guess a hardware problem.

    ...there is an infamous story at one of my old employers about a server that kept unexpectedly rebooting itself. It would always happen at about the same time each evening, but never the exact same time. The techs tried everything to figure out what was going on, but to no avail.
    Finally one of the techs agreed to spend the night in the server room to observe the issue first-hand. All was quiet, until about the time the reboot was expected to occur. The tech watched as one of the late-shift workers entered the room to change the tapes. She was, shall we say, a short and portly woman, and as she bent over to eject the tape on one of the servers her derrier' smushed up against the suspect server, depressing its restart button.

    Problem diagnosed and solved.

    True story.
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    Check the start-up account of the MSSQLServer service to see if its password has expired. Or if the account's profile has changed. Or if the service is running under credentials of an employee who has left the company.

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