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    Unanswered: Backing up trans log of system dbs


    Should the transaction log of the system databases be backed up and if so, how often should this be done, generally?

    Currently, we are backing up the system databases daily. The transaction log of the system databases, however, is not backed up.

    Recently, I was wondering what exactly could happen, which would imply that we need to back up the transaction log of the system databases.

    As far as I understand, 'msdb' contains things like jobs, dts. As such, if no jobs/dts are added in the middle of the day, there is no need to back up the trans log of this db - there could even be no reason, in such case, to back this db up at all!

    'master' db would change if we add/modify objects/properties and so on ... so unless many changes are made, no need for backing up its trans log.

    Having said that, could anyone enlighten me as to whether it is necessary to back up the transaction log of the system dbs and/or what it depends on and/or when it is suggested to do so?

    Thanks you

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    By default, master and msdb are set to simple recovery, so the transaction log backups would error out. I would strongly suggest not tampering with these databases. For myself, I back them up in full once a week to disk, and every night in full to tape. They are small by today's standards.

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    Thanks Mcrowley

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