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    Question Unanswered: Requested timeout on inet

    In my application I have a procedure that check a file on a host. The attached routine function as it was designed for as long as the host is up running.

    If host has stopped or is not available, the routine fails and I get the error code 35761 (Requested timeout)
    My application informs about this and continue to run. The problem is that it seems to get onto a kind of hang. It stops responding and I need to terminate my application the hard way. (task manager)

    If I unplug the network connection, the procedure fails with the error code 35754 (unable to connect to remote host) The program inform about this and continue normally.

    Does anyone have any clue what the reason to this can be?
    Any proposal would be greatly appreciated.

    Function test()
        Dim host_name As String, To_Path As String
        Dim objFTP
        Dim Username As String, Password As String, RequestTimeout As Byte
        Username = "Vestigo"
        Password = "Somethingsecret"
        RequestTimeout = 5        'seconds
        From_Path = "\New_Versions\"
        host_name = ""
        Set objFTP = Me.axFTP.Object
        With objFTP
            .URL = host_name
            .Username = Username
            .Password = Password
            .RequestTimeout = RequestTimeout
            .Execute , "Dir " & From_Path & "Vestigo_*.txt"
        End With
        GoTo Exit_Function
    Select Case Err
        Case 35754
            MsgBox "No connection to internet"
        Case 35761 
            MsgBox "Timeout due to host problems"
    End Select
        Set objFTP = Nothing
    End Function
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    If Err.Number = 35754
    MsgBox "No connection to internet"
    Exit Function
    Elseif Err.Number = 35754
    MsgBox "Timeout due to host problems"
    Exit Function
    End If
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