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    Cool Unanswered: Delete the 10 last records(lines)

    Hallo and thanks in advance!

    i'have the Table with the columns:x,y,colors

    . number . number . number.

    full of values.

    witch query i can use to delete the 10 last records(lines)
    if i don't know any of the numbers i ve got there???

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    There is no concept of "last 10" without the use of the ORDER BY clause
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    The most accurate way would be using one of GUI tools which would enable you to, actually, SEE those records and delete the ones you think you should.

    As you don't know which records to delete, all you can do is guess if you insist on deleting through a query, something like

    DELETE your_table WHERE ROWNUM < 11;

    Or, if you finally found out how to distinguish them so that you could write an ORDER BY clause, it would be possible to include it into a query and finally delete right records.

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