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    Unanswered: Problem in replicating altered column in ER

    I am implementing Enterprise Replication on IDS version 10.00.UC4. between 2 databases, using primary target setup.

    All tables are to be replicated, so I am using templates.
    I was successful in setting up the replication, but problem is the alter command.

    As far as I have explored, in ER, if you alter a table on primary server, it is not automatically altered on target server. The solution I found was re-mastering, but I am unable to do that. I tried auto re-mastering and manual re-mastering, but both are not working.

    Please help me out in resolving this issue.

    Omer Saeed Khan

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    Yes your right Alter statements will not work in ER. In order to alter a table
    you will have to first stop replication for that table, then delete the replication for that table, Run alter statements on both servers, Define replication for that table, start replication and make the replication a part of the group.


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