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    Unanswered: How to monitor SQL Server


    How do most of you monitor your SQL servers (i.e. performance, cpu utilization, job failures...)? Can you recommend any tools that are not too costly?


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    You can use tools which come with SQL Server itself: Profiler (or server side tracing for more efficiency)

    Also, "Performance Monitor", which comes with windows OS.

    It depends on what exactly you'd like to monitor.

    Performance: Profiler + Performance Monitor
    CPU utilization: Profier + Performance Monitor
    Job failures: Just set up the alerting system, which could send an email if a job fails

    ... just google for something like "Performance monitoring in sql server 2000"

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    I use a bunch of WMI scripts to monitor stuff like:

    Storage utilization (disk space): daily
    CPU utilization: Every 15 minutes
    Free Memory: Every 15 minutes
    Installed Application Inventory: weekly
    Server config (network, basic info): daily

    in addition, I check the following data using DTS:
    Job performance: every 30 minutes
    Database Size/Log File Size: Daily

    There's a sample WMI script (I think it's called computer inventory) or something like that. I plagiarized the h3ll out of that.

    Having the data readily accessible in the database (especially disk and CPU utilization is awesome when someone comes to me complaining about stuff). It's also awesome for justifying new storage, new hardware and lots of other things. The scripts weren't that hard to write and they've been stable for about 2+ years. I built a classic ASP interface to go with most of it for easy viewing.


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    I use Perfmon to compare aginast initial baselines. I load the collected Perfmon data in a table after collecting Perfm,on in CSV format. Then I use queries to get averages by each hour and come across my disc, memory, CPU utilization for the top 4 busiest hours. I consider the three hours as busy nly if the batch requets/sec fall within 75% of those during the peak hour. I use profiler only once I see issues from Perfmon to get to the expensive queries. Fotr jobs, I use Alerts configured to ring my cellphone with the relevant message.

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    I liked the Embarcadero DBArtisan Workbench though compared to several other tools.

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