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    Recommended Database Modeling Tool

    I'm wondering which tool you guys recommend for creating a database model. This will be used for MySQL and possibly SQL Server 2000/2005. Also, I'd like to have the capability to reverse engineer my diagram to create the appropriate SQL code. Price isn't much of an issue if such software must be purchased.

    I Googled around a bit but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.


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    if price isn't an issue, get ERWin, it's only ~five thousand per seat | @rudydotca
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    ERWin is the "800 pound gorilla" of data modeling. It can cheerfully handle models that no other product I know of can even contemplate. It is definitely pricey, but much less than $5000.

    The high end editions of Visio will do what most people need, at roughly one tenth of the price of ERWin. Visio brings about 3% of ERWin's capability for about 10% of its price, but that is still more than most data models need. As side benefits, Visio is included in some versions of Microsoft Visual Studio, and it brings lots of other useful drawing toys to your desktop!


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    Forget Erwin. Look at PowerDesigner.

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    Check out this page ...

    on the Database Answers web site, listing about 40 Data Models :-

    If money is short, try Dezign from Datanamic.

    If not, try ERWin.

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