I'm not much experienced in db design and i hope you could help me.

I'm developing a web site for a local authority; most of the pages describes what office do and which services they supply.
Other important elements of the site are news and especially election news .

Now, i design my db in this way (capital words refers to Entity) :

OFFICE - supply - SERVICE (one to many relationship)

Now, since most of the website page have the same structure (a Title and one or more section\paragraph which may have a title), i was wondering how to model the website page .
Basically i could have a PAGE entity specialized into NEWS_PAGE, ELECTION_PAGE, INFO_PAGE.
PAGE contains SECTION (one-to-many relationship).
OFFICE and SERVICE have a relationship with INFO_PAGE (i.e. OFFICE-described_in-INFOPAGE).

Do you think this could be a good solution?
Any suggestion?