In an MS Access 2000 - SQL Server 2005 project I use a "Microsoft Office PivotTable 9.0" control on a form. The control is populated by a stored procedure. This works fine but when the pivottable opens a messagebox with the title "Microsoft Data Access Components" and a message "This page accesses data on another domain. Do you want to allow this ?" appears.
After clicking "OK", a message box with title "Microsoft Office" and message "This website is using your identity to access a data source. If you trust this website, click OK to continue, otherwise click Cancel".
After clicking "OK", the pivottable opens.

How can I get rid of these messages ?

On the internet I found some suggestion to add a website in the Internet Explorer settings "Trusted sites". What's the meaning of that ? The data for the pivottable is in a local SQL Server database, so which website do I have to add to the "trusted sites" ?

Any solutions for this problem ?

One other question: is there an alternative for the "Microsoft Office PivotTable 9.0" control ?