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    Unanswered: can WAMP and Apache,MySQL,PHP coexist?

    hello to everyone,

    not sure if this is the proper place to post
    but, here goes:

    i have WAMP installed, and have some ongoing projects...
    but i just want to try installing the A-M-P separately just so i know how

    question: is it possible for me to have the two instances coexist?
    i mean have my WAMP still available, though probably not running concurrently with the separate/individual installation of Apache, MySQL, and PHP

    many thanks to everyone here
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    In a word - Yes.

    There are two ways to do this.

    The first way would involve stopping your existing Apache and Mysql services and installing your new Apache and Mysql services, with unique names (all services must have unique names), so that they listen at the same ports as your existing Apache and Mysql services. To switch between setups, you would stop one set of services and start the other. Using the same port numbers will allow you to test your existing code without making any changes to the code.

    The second way involves installing the new Apache and Mysql services so that they listen at different port numbers from the default ports. All four services could be running at the same time. You would switch between the pairs by specifying the different port numbers, in your code, for the second setup. If at some point in time, you eliminate your first setup, you can change the port numbers that the second setup listens at, to be the standard default port numbers.

    The installation of PHP (.dll module/extensions... and the php.ini) that Apache uses, is determined by settings within the Apache config file. So, each Apache installation can reference it's own PHP installation or you could have both Apache installations use one common PHP installation.

    Edit: Any installation instructions that you might have read that involve copying .dll files to the Windows or other folders, are not necessary for all recent versions (it might have been necessary in older versions.) So long as the Apache config file is setup correctly, the php.ini file is setup correctly, and the path(s) to php are added to the Windows path statement, it is not necessary to move any files around.
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