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    Unanswered: Search for records containing text in a text box fields

    Help please with building a search box on a form.

    I'd like the user to be able to combine
    1. an option group that will pick one of three fields containing a "TYPE"
    2. enter a text phrase in textbox1 that will find all records that contain any part of the entered text and if the user wants -
    3. enter a text in textbox2 to narrow down the search....

    or do you have a better way - like the google search box - enter any number of words (ok - I could limit the number to four) to search for a record (On Field DESCRIPTION) to find ALL records that contain all the words or parts of those words somewhere in the DESCRIPTION.

    I think that what's needed is to build the recordsource using the "LIKE *textbox2*" AND "LIKE *textbox2*" or something like that.....

    THANKS in advance!!

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    Using timer control of 100ms in key phrase on a text box it will enable.
    using sql queary like: "SELECT customer*.customer WHERE customer.customer_id= ' " & txtfind.text & " ';"
    when record found timer will stop.
    I think it will help you with key phrase

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    maruful_islam: Using the timer to repeatedly SELECT data every 100 ms really is NOT kind to the database... I would not reccomend this approach...

    ArthurE212:What database are you using?

    Standard wildcards in SQL are the underscore (_) for a single character match, and the percent (%) for any number of characters.

    You best bet is to build a stored procedure in the database server, and pass it the parameters.

    It can then separate the words in the first textbox, build a query with a where clause of [code]WHERE (TextField Like '%word1%' or TextField Like '%word2%' or ... ) AND TextField Like '%SupplementalWord%'

    The stored procedure can then return the records matching the search criteria to the client.
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    Search for records containing text in a text box fields

    Microsoft Office Access 2007

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    You might want to look at creating a full text index on SQL Express instead, depending on how robust you need this to be.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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