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    Unanswered: Upload image to server

    Good day,

    I have a simple site whereby I allow users to upload images to it, amongst other things which are importtant as those work.

    My problem is that I cannot get it that the user of the site can upload an image to the server. I don't want to store the image in a database as I have read in many places that this is not a good idea. So my next option was to upload the file to the images folder on the server and then store the file name in a database. The storing of the file name works fine, the uploading of the image to the server not at all.

    Please can some one help me. I don't have the option of installing active x controls and dll and so on on the server so a VB script or Java script I think woul dhave to be the answer but can't seem to get it right.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS. I am not using .NET and would prefer to use classic ASP.

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    Simple solution. Use PureASP Upload. That is totally script based without any component to install and FREE of cost.

    Check it here.

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    pureasp upload is great. i've been using it for years. but if you use it make sure the username that is running it typically iusr_ has write privileges to the folder you want to store the images in.

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