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    Unanswered: Problem Implementing Security on Multiple Database

    There are about 30 users and 10 databases used by most of the 30 users. I am looking for an easy way to design and implement the security solution but I am getting different information from various sources as to how to do this through the workgroup administrator and the security wizard.

    Example is Databases A B & C
    Users 1,2,3,4,5,6

    Good news is that a user is either read only or full data permissions. Problem is that user 1,2,3 may be read only for Database A but full data for Database B. It appears that I need to get down to the User and Groups Permission screen but a problem I am having is that I need to select one table, form at a time for each user, in EACH database... I'll be here forever!!!

    Any thoughts?

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    not sure if this might help - i had to put some security into a DB for work and gave up using the security wizard as i found it to unreliable (it appears that workmates computers were all setup differently with access installed all over the place)

    could you create a userform which prompts for a username and password - depending on the username - which then accesss a control table which contain names of tables and user permissions. example


    table control
    field username
    field tableid
    field read - yes / no
    field write - yes / no

    each record would represent a table

    if you could get the above working for 1 db then just copy the code etc to the new database and amend the control record to reflect the tablenames....

    hope this helps.

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    I would create Employee records with fields (true/False) Db1,Db2,Db3 ...
    Run a little VB script and having worked out who gets to read or who gets to write you could control access by:

    If db1 = True then
    Docmd.Openform "... Entry", ...
    Docmd.Openform "... Enquiry", ...
    end if

    There a duplication in Forms but I nearly always have both anyway.


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