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    Unanswered: Mysql, Php, Html Parser

    I wasnt sure where to post this at. I was wondering if anyone had any experience on this matter. Im running a mysql & php server from godaddy. I am currently entering data in the database manually and I was wondering if lets say I had a website that finds all the bars in an area and enters that data automatically to the database instead of me doing it manually. or retreive that data from other sites like and then parse that data into my database automatically?

    self automated database parsing. html parser? anything would be helpful at this point.

    thank you in advance .


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    Contact one of the administrators, this question is more PHP in nature. They can move your thread to that forum so you can get a quicker answer.

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    thread has been moved

    austin, you might do well to contact those sites and see if you can get the data directly from them

    if you cannot get a file, they may have public APIs which you might use (e.g. search) on your own site

    what would you do if you scraped a bunch of data off the web, and it just not-so-coincidentally happened to contain a couple of totally fictitious names and/or addresses, salted throughout the real data, with names so ridiculous that they would prove you lifted the data from them

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