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    Unanswered: Identify postgresql database


    I have to select database through my installing process. Because I built a software that will work with any database. But I have a problem on how to identify database dynamicaly that means while software is on installing process. Are there any isue in postgresql such as giving some sql query..

    ..................more details.....................

    I want to identify, when I'm going to install that, what are the databases(like oracle, mysql,postgresql......etc) now in this machine.

    In the next step we can create set of tables and connect to that database.

    My goal is to identify dynamicaly what are databases in this machine with do it manually.

    If we can use query while it comming to database seleting step, then we can list all down. then user can select which database to connect..



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    You don't specify either your target machine O/S, or your programming language.

    In the windows environment, it may be simplest to display the OleDB Datalink editor. Your user could select their database(s) for you.

    ref the second post here for a sample chunk of VB code to open the datalink editor.

    Once you're connected, you can query the postgres information schema (look it up in the documentation) to get detailed info re the database structure
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