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    Unanswered: Problem starting IDS.

    Hi ,

    I have IDS installed in SCO unix which is not coming up. When i execute the command "onstat -i" it gives the following error.

    "shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER "online"".

    I would be grateful if anybody on this forum could help me in brining up the system. Thanks in advance.

    Bdhakhwa, Nepal

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    Wrong command

    Hi Bdhakhwa,

    It seesm that you are using the wrong command. onstat is the utility to monitor IDS. oninit is the utility to start. Beware oninit -i will initialize the engine and throw away all existing spaces and databases and so on. This must only be doen the first time (after installation). normally you just restart IDS with oninit without any options....

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