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    Unanswered: populating textbox based on combo box

    hope somebody can help out here....

    i would like to populate a textbox on a form based on the users selection of a combo box which is also on the form.

    the 2 tables concerned are:
    table task - the user selects the task using a combobox -
    Primary key taskid
    field taskdescription - this is the option the user chooses
    field procid - this is a foreign keyfield which links to the procedure table

    table procedure
    primary key procid
    field procedureDescript - contains the proceedure description relating to the task

    in a nutshell - if the user selects a task then I would like the textbox to display the related proceedure using the procid.

    any advice appreicated thanks Stu
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    Take a look at access helpfile for DLookup - you will hopefully be able to solve this one on your own

    Come back and let us know how it goes
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