I have successfully installed and am running a postgreSQL database (8.2) on a windows 2003 server, with other copies running on 2 other pcs.

I now wish to try and properly configure replication between the main server and the backup machines. I have installed Slony-I on the main server, added a service and what I thought were the engines for the main server and 2 backup machines.

For some reason even though everything seems to be listening, be subscribed and in theory I think be ready to go, it will not post the amendments to the other databases.

When I click on the cluster and try to "restart" node it tells me it isnt running, which is worrying.

Can anyone offer any advice as to the following please :
1. Do I need 3 engines installed on the main server, 1 for the main server and 2 for the backup servers, or just the 2 additional?
2. Does anyone have examples of the .conf files for the engines (nodes) for windows?
3. Any ideas why it's not working, that you might have ideas about?

I would really like to get this last part working, as it's the last bit of the jigsaw and other than that it's all going well. If anyone has any words of wisdom I would really appreciate it.