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    Unanswered: sp timeout

    i have an sp, which usually gives results within 30s.. (the time displayed in SQL QA). at times, the application gives a timeout error after calling this sp.
    when i chekc the app logs, it says odbc timeout expired.

    i ran profiler and invoked the sp thru the app and noticed that there is no sp: completed event for the particular sp call.

    wen i execute the sp with same parameters in SQL QA, its returning results, without a timeout error.

    please let me know what all events shall i monitor in SQL profiler?
    in general, what could be the possible reasons for such a behaviour?

    Note: this behaviour is not consistent, sometimes the app shows timeout error and sometimes its working fine.


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    you should not have 30 second queries in your app, but this sounds like to me it is the default command timeout for ADO.Net which is 30 seconds. If you do not specify a command timeout it will use this default. Specify a higher timeout for your command object or fix your query\design.
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