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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports formula (select specific data)

    Good Day!

    Got some some questions re:crystal reports formula.

    I need to display the daily attendance data in a given month. So my page header has 1,2,3....31 up to the last day of the month. My database table has a date field and timein field. I want to create 31 (the no. of days in a month) formulas. Each containing the formula "SELECT timein FROM TABLE WHERE DAY(DATE)=1" and so on. For the 31st formula, it should be "SELECT timein FROM TABLE WHERE DAY(DATE)=31" Then i will drag each formula into its designated place in the page

    How will I do this? I want to input this SQL syntax into my formula. But i dont know how it is done.

    Please help.
    Thanks a lot.

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    while waiting for replies, i got it already =)
    i used a cross tab template design instead.

    got another question. i put a currency symbol on the values, but i would like to suppress the currency symbol if the value is 0. but the suppress doesn't work, it display the currency symbol still even if the value is 0 or not 0.

    how will i do this? thanks a lot.

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