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    Unanswered: Creating a 'Matrix' Table

    I want to create wat i think is called a matrix table or something.

    Basically i have different clients and different versions and i have these stored in there own table each. I then want to make another table which puts the clients as the rows, and the versions as the columns, and then i can 'tick' which ones have been setup (as in the clients made to work with the versions). See the picture for an example in excel.

    now im thinking it might not be possible to do exactly as i want. i think i might need a third table to store in it when the thing has been setup (box ticked) and then just use a form to check every field to see if it exists in this third table and if it does show it ticked.

    any ideas? my way seems a bit gay.
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    I would make it like "DemoClientVersionA2000.mdb".
    Look at tables, relationships, query.
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    I agree with MStef-ZG, you can definitely report this using a CrossTab query. In your case you could add a field to the query called Loaded (or whatever) and have it equal to 1. Then when the crosstab is created 1 is put into the fields that the version is loaded.

    Then in the report you can change the 1s to Ys or anything else you want. You could also do it in a query that uses the crosstab as the source.

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