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    Apr 2003

    Arrow Announcing 'pipe' - a Sybase backupserver plugin

    With this plugin the destination of your Sybase dump no longer has to be a named
    file. It can now also be the stdin of an arbitrary command or a port on any
    host on your network.

    Similarly, an existing dump can be LOADed from the stdout of a command or from a port on any host.

    Why would you want that? A number of possibilities open up:

    * offload the CPU-intensive compression by running the
    compression utility on another machine;
    * archive dumps on another host without NFS issues;
    * integrate with an off-site backup provider;
    * encrypt dumps without unencrypted data ever touching
    temporary storage;
    * transfer databases from one server to another /directly/;
    * use the included "sybdump" utility (open sourced) in your
    own scripts, processing dumps without waiting for them
    to finish...

    FREE for qualified individuals:

    Today's price is only $9.99 per server, set to *double every week* until
    $159.84 or even $319.68 -- as our confidence grows and wrinkles in the
    ordering system and documentation get ironed out. Order yours now at:

    Follow up with questions/comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Last edited by teterin; 03-07-07 at 16:05. Reason: Add explicit "Sybase", as suggested

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    Apr 2003

    Arrow Price for 'pipe' license doubles tomorrow

    Starting tomorrow the per-server price will become $19.98 -- until the next doubling on March 15th.

    So, if you were thinking about it -- buy it now. And if you weren't, please, tell us why :-)


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    Apr 2002
    Toronto, Canada
    thread moved from Sybase forum to Marketplace forum, the only forum where we permit this type of thread

    teterin, you might want to edit your first post to make it clear this is a Sybase plugin | @rudydotca
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