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    Unanswered: Toggle Visibility of an Object Multiple Times

    Can someone provide syntax for toggling the visibility of an object when a checkbox is clicked and unclicked, ie

    If chkReportA.Value = 1 Then
    cboSection1.visible = False
    Else: cboSection1.visible = True
    End If

    I am not quite getting it right. I would like to be able to select the checkbox repeatedly and have the combobox disappear and reappear multiple times. Is this possible?


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    cboSelection1.visible = (chkReportA.Value = vbChecked)
    Rather than mess around with an IF statement, the right side of the above expression results in a boolean (true or false) value, which is then applied to the combo box's visible property. (the parens aren't needed - I just included them for clarity)
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