I have installed PostgreSQL and phpPgadmin on our Hosting server with CentOS 4.4 (php 4.4.6).
PostgreSQL and phpPgadmin are running, but when I turn in the config.inc.php (phpPgAdmin) the option $conf['owned_only'] = true; I get this error:

Erro de SQL:

ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table "pu"

Indicação de entrada :

SELECT pdb.datname AS datname, pr.rolname AS datowner, pg_encoding_to_char(encoding) AS datencoding,
(SELECT description FROM pg_catalog.pg_description pd WHERE pdb.oid=pd.objoid) AS datcomment,
(SELECT spcname FROM pg_catalog.pg_tablespace pt WHERE pt.oid=pdb.dattablespace) AS tablespace,
pg_catalog.pg_database_size(pdb.oid) as dbsize
FROM pg_catalog.pg_database pdb LEFT JOIN pg_catalog.pg_roles pr ON (pdb.datdba = pr.oid)
WHERE true
AND NOT pdb.datistemplate
AND pu.usename='admin_bas'
ORDER BY pdb.datname

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/html/phpPgAdmin/classes/Misc.php on line 1538

When I put $conf['owned_only'] = false; , phpPgAdmin is working normal but users van see databases of other users.
On our other server with PostgreSQL 8.1.5 we don´t have problems.

Does somebody know how this can be solved?