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    Red face Unanswered: Searching and subforms/subreports

    Hi guys

    This is my first post on here so please humour me.

    I have built a database but it is quite basic. The thing is that the table I have has 11800 records called tblToolLists! The fields are ID (Primary Key), Description1, Description2, Description3, Description4, Description5

    I need to be able to create a form with an unbound box and an embedded subform/subreport so when a keywork is typed into the unbound box and then a control button pressed Descriptions 1-5 will be searched and results will be displayed on a subform or subreport... the more keywords the more refined the search..

    It feels like this is gonna be a biggy and I have no clue where to start!!!

    Please help!
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    Try going to Access's help and look up writing macros. Honestly, CTRL-F will probably do what you want. If you want to do complicated stuff, you need to learn the basics first.

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    Thanks for the reply..

    Tried macros but to no avail.. Ctrl + F only shows 1 record at a time and I need to see more... any more ideas.

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    ok thanks anyway... will look elsewhere

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    I'd take a look into SQL.
    SELECT *
    FROM tblToolList
    WHERE description1 = '%' & <parameter> '%'
    OR description2 = '%' & <parameter> '%'
    OR ...
    And just because you don't get your answer within a few hours, please don't whine. People have lives and weekends are a great place to live them.

    Note: This is not a full solution - just a solid starting platform to get you going.
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