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    Unanswered: display different rates for each property at different times (was "Help!")

    In Access we are trying to build a system for property letting agents, the system is meant to display different rates for each property at different time through the year. How can we do this so when you enter the date the customer want to use the property, the price is automatically looked up and displayed? oh and what about then someone rents the property between rates? like one week at low rate and then the next week would be the higher rate


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    Question - what is your existing table structure including primary keys and relationships - this will help the experts understand the problem better to give you a better answer.

    From what information you have given I suggest that you have a new table for Prices - something like:

    Prices(UniqueIdentifier, PropertyID, DateFrom, DateTo, Price)

    This will allow you to query the date requested to the date stored in the tables for the property - returning a price for that specified date.

    HTH - GeorgeV
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