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    Unanswered: Procedure In Parameter Problem....

    I am trying to pass in a list of variables:

    'Test1 ','Test2','Test3','Test4'

    I want to use this in a select statement:

    select * from <mytablename> where <myfieldname> in (pInString)

    If I just pass one string Test1, it works fine. If I try to pass the above string it breaks....

    There has to be a way to do this.... Just can't seem to find it..

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    >There has to be a way to do this
    Good luck with your quest, & if you get desperate you could try reading the fine manuals at
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    Problem is, what to search on........

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    See whether something like this or this suit your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlefoot
    See whether something like this or this suit your needs.
    Looks like this one would work, thanks!

    create or replace type StringTable as table of varchar2(1000);

    CREATE OR REPLACE function f_string_table(
    p_list in varchar2,
    p_delimiter in varchar2 default ',')
    return StringTable is
    v_string long := p_list || p_delimiter;
    v_pos pls_integer;
    v_data stringtable := stringtable();
    v_pos := instr(v_string, p_delimiter);
    exit when (nvl(v_pos, 0) = 0);
    v_data(v_data.count) := trim(substr(v_string, 1, v_pos - 1));
    v_string := substr(v_string, v_pos + 1);
    end loop;
    return (v_data);
    end f_string_table;

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